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We stock rackets and clothing/shoes for adults and juniors.

The season is well under way but don't forget a few top tips.

New Balls! To get the most out of  your game, remember to renew your tennis balls regularly, if the name is faint or no longer readable it's time to give them to the dog and invest in some more.  You will notice a big difference and so will your opponents.

Get a GRIP!

You would be amazed what a difference a new grip makes to your game - giving a much firmer and tackier feel which helps prevent the racket slipping in your hand especially on those shots that miss the sweet spot.

Have I got the correct grip size?

Does your racket move a lot when you hit shots?

Elbow or lower arm discomfort or causing pain?

These can be signs that your racket grip size is either too small or too big both of which can cause tennis elbow a frustrating condition that can keep you off the courts - ask in store if your not sure.


When did you last get your racket re strung?  Last year, the year before, never?  The general rule is if you play 3 times a week you should get your racket re strung 3 times a year.  So if you play challenging and regular tennis it's well worth thinking about a re string before a string breaks.

A new set of strings gives a racket a new feel and can help improve strokes and play.  Please ask the staff in store for advice.  £18 for a tennis restring.


We stock Asics court shoes a brand that offers superb quality.  Check your shoes for wear especially if you play often as the soles will lose traction over time - and the correct shoe assists in many ways from traction, turning, speed when casing a ball down.



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